Last Wednesday, our Slovakia team made our way to Prague to meet up with the other JV intern teams from all over Eastern Europe. It was so awesome to meet the other (16!) teams who share in the same vision of reaching the youth for Christ in their specific countries. Our team did have an advantage of having been together for a week prior, as almost all the other teams were coming off of their flights from the states and meeting one another for the first time.

After the teams had some time to meet each other, we were given a few minutes of directions and we were were off!  For the next two days we would be racing through the streets of Prague, Cesky Tesin (and some Polish village across the river from it) finding clues, sleeping on trains, forgoing showers, completing “roadblocks”, and trying to get ahead and stay ahead of as many other teams as possible as we made our way to our final destination-Malenovice.

There’s so much I could write about the Amazing Race, but I’ll try and be brief.

Prague is so unbelievably beautiful. Though I felt like I ran through every street and obscure ally in the city, I didn’t really get a chance to take it in as much as I would have liked…. Guess that means I’ll have to go back again in the future : )

The “roadblocks” during the amazing race popped up at various points and each team had to complete a task in order to move forward to the next clue. Some of my favorites were:

  • Eating  the most vile half tube of “sausage” and vomiting into a dumpster with my teammate, Hunter.
  • Giving away 6 liters of Kofola on the Charles’ Bridge in Prague.
  • Climbing innumerable stairs to the reach Stalin’s Statue.
  • Getting a “pedicure” at by fish at a Thai salon
  • Ordering Czech food at an underground pub… in Czech.
  • Finding a specific piece of Polish pottery… out of hundreds and hundreds of pieces in a little shop.
  • Answering question about JV’s history and misson in Prague’s Old Town Square

I wish I could give you all a better picture of how extensive this race was-the JV staff put so much time and effort into the planning to make it such a great experience. Out team definitely bonded and made a stack of memories we’ll take with us through the summer.

More to come on intern training at Malenovice in the next post : )

quick picture with on the Charles' Bridge in Prauge during the Amazing Race. L-R: Hunter, Melanie, Me, Miriam