can’t begin to tell you how good it was to be home with family and old friends, even for just a few days.

i went home for my brother kurt’s wedding to the amazing megan forbes. the wedding was unreal. across the board it was just the best.  i am so stoked for them as they begin this new chapter in their journey together. love you guys!

it was great to be able to see kurt and megan’s friends that  i grew up with that i literally had not seen in 5-10 years. i kept hearing over and over again, “oh my gosh! i can’t believe you’re grown up! you’re not 10 anymore! i remember when you were little you would…”

but here’s the thing: sometimes i still feel like i am 10.i look at myself and think, “what the junk, how am i an adult?” (well, mostly).

it’s intimidating to think that the youth coming to our camp in slovakia will think of me as an “adult”.  i’m supposed to be the one who know what’s going on, has the answers, is able to give direction, and is the one setting a good example with my words and actions.

going home and talking with people who have known me for years helps to give me perspective on how much i have matured and grown, and am prepared to step into this role as an intern.  i am not the same as i was 10, 5, or even 1 year ago. i know that God is constantly at work, growing and transforming my heart as i choose to follow Him. that gives me hope.

thanks to everyone who have spoken words of encouragement and prayers over me. please continue to lift of prayers on my behalf as they are greatly needed.again, if you feel led to support me financially follow the link as the window to give is closing (11 days!) :

love, mindy.

hey, no one said adults cant be ridiculous from time to time. and david lookin good at the reception.

kurt and megan : )