yesterday i got an email from our awesome intern coordinator here state-side, brenda, letting us know that they made it possible for josiah venture summer interns to get financial support through online giving. this is great news! normally, this is only done for full-time staff, but they are letting us do it. so thankful for this as it will greatly streamline the giving process for my trip.

if you have already financially contributed, THANK YOU! if you have not, i pray that you would strongly consider it. i am still in need of much financial support in order to make this trip a reality. if you feel led to give to my ministry in slovakia this summer, click here.

and no matter what category you fit into, please please please continue to be in PRAYER for me and the rest of the team before and during our time in slovakia. i have no doubts that the Lord is going to use our team to bring both new believers into the kingdom and glory to Himself. i also have no doubts that the enemy would love to stop this and discourage our team in the process. join me in prayer for this trip as we willfully declare our dependence on the Lord, and acknowledge that we can do nothing apart from Him.

thanks so much for all of the love, support, encouragement and prayers i have been getting from so many of you. i deeply appreciate it! : )