For two years, I served as a resident assistant for the women at Multnomah University.  Over the course of these two years, I had the opportunity to serve, grow, disciple, mentor, love, pray, be ridiculous and simply walk through life with 26 women.

What a privilege. What a responsibility.

These were two of the most formative years in my spiritual life as I was continually challenged and stretched beyond what I thought I was able. As rewarding as the job was, it wasn’t always easy playing the role of proxy in difficult relationships, fielding hard questions, listening to the pain of others, and sitting that hurt with them. One of the biggest lessons I learned from all of this is that you just can’t do it alone.

So often I want to be the pillar of strength for everyone around me. I never want to be seen as weak. And more than that, I hate asking for HELP.

But the fact is we weren’t designed to do it alone.

We are designed for community and relationship: With each other. With the Lord.

Please continue to pray for me as I prepare to head to Slovakia. Pray that the Lord would empower me through the Holy Spirit to walk through life with the students I will be serving, and that I would have the humility to be weak and ask for help when I need it.

and let the fact that being an R.A. was a ridiculously fun job as well not be lost. here’s some evidence:

pike's market in seattle during fall dorm section retreat (fall 2008)

"stages of life" themed dorm section christmas photo (fall 2008)

the girls were having a rough day, so i surprised them with a shaving cream fight : ) (spring 2009)

melissa, sarah, kaylah, and myself. these 3 girls stayed in my section for 2 years. this is at first all dorm meeting of the year (fall 2009)

sleepover with some of my girls. a little "father of the bride" and puppy chow never hurt anyone! (spring 2010)